General Knowledge

The world of Solus Astria is in a binary star system with a blue and a yellow sun in the sky. They rotate around a single mass so it’s just as common to see two Suns in the sky as it is to see one eclipse the other. This is equated to the dual nature of the creator Goddess Emeria and is said that she favors the darker nature of mankind during the prominent blue phase and the lighter nature during the yellow phase.

There are also two moon in the skies of Solus Astria. The slightly larger closer moon Cyma, the ever changing and her brother moon, Reles. Cyma is the darker moon. It has it’s own atmosphere and geothermal activity so it can look different from day to day, where as, Reles has little to no atmosphere and is much more like Earth’s own moon.

The Goddess Emeria’s voice brought life to our world. Once she was happy with the land, sea, and life upon the planet she created humans, her favored children.

She grants her power to all of her children regardless of their intent. Magic is bountiful in the world and is available to human and monster alike. Those who have the potential for magic are generally born with the power. Sometimes this will show in their appearance as people who are born with the ability to use magic can have unusual hair colors, though this is not always true. Magic can be learned in Solus Astria but since most are just born with the power there are not many resources for learning. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any: some magic users have taken to quantifying how they use their powers to make it accessible to everyone you can, some born with no power have spent there life figuring out how to do so without being born blessed, you can also learn to cast a spell from someone who already knows it but all of these are a hard process and tomes are rare.

From the first breath they take Emeria’s favored (humans) are born with the knowledge of the wish. That they may make any one wish (with some exceptions), however once the wish is named you then belong to the Goddess more so then other. This is known as the curse as her direct whispering to you tends to lead to insanity. Not everyone who makes the wish falls victim to the curse but for those who do the results are dire.

There are other deities in the world of Solus Astria. The Goddess has some whom she favours more than the rest and has granted the powers of divinity to. Those who have achieved greatness in their lives have ascended to a higher place beside her. Though it is rare for humans to worship anyone either than Emeria.

Many of the other deities in the world of Solus Astria have set about creating their own versions of life on the planet. All life created by the lesser deities are referred to as monsters and are usually in opposition to humanity, though not all. Monsters are attributed to the God/Goddess who created them. There are some intelligent creatures who are attributed to Emeria, such as dragons, though they still tend to oppose humanity. The differences between monsters and natural creatures is only who created them. All life created by the lesser deities is generally seen as lesser in the eyes of humanity.

As humans know they are favored above all others created by the goddess they tend to see monsters that bear semblance to humanity as anathema. They are known as masquerades. Though some are more tolerated then others. Masqueraders include angels, demons, dwarves, halfings, gnomes, giants and Fae (elves are included in Fae). The only thing perhaps more hated then masqueraders are half breeds (humans/monster).

Reincarnation is the rule in Solus Astria. This is known as the cycle. Souls return to the Goddess were they are cleansed of their past memories before returning to the world to continue their spiritual growth. Someone who has died can be brought back in so long as they wish to come back and they haven’t been reincarnated yet.


General Knowledge

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