Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Domains: Artifice, Law, Nobility, War, Glory
Symbol: A winged sword
Garb: Shiny metal armor with blue robes and when he’s not wearing a helmet he wears a turban upon his head.
Favored Weapon: Longsword
Form of Worship and Holidays:
Typical Worshippers: Angels

When the world was still small, before people came to populate most of the world, Deidrick united the world against a great calamity. A charismatic and noble military leader he defeated one of the great dragons and Emeria was so pleased that she removed him from the cycle, making him the first ascended deity. The legend of Deidrick is still in the history books today.

Deidrick spent his early time as a god helping to grow the civilization he created. Eventually the one kingdom broke down and people returned to their own parts of the world. He continued to help others civilizations grow as they appeared all over the world, taking home what they learned from the his great kingdom. He believes that people are better when united under common goals and ideals.

Deidrick was also the first blasphemous god. Being the eldest ascended deity he has seen many of what he perceived as humanities short comings and took it upon himself to show the goddess a better way.

He created the Angels. A race of androgynous winged humanoids. They act as his army and work towards a mysterious purpose. Seeming to care little for humanity they are just as likely to hurt people as they are to help them.

Though Deidrick himself still works in ways to help civilizations he is rarely worshipped these days due to his blasphemous out look of Emeria.

Deidrick appears as he did before he ascended. He is a middle aged man with brown hair and a neatly trimmed beard. He is adorned in heavy armor.


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