Tryst is a fledgling nation in the northern most part of the continent of Nydisien. A harsh place to live but with a wealth of resources. The northern tribes have had a bad reputation for being uncivilized, a stigma carried over still today. But a young lord named Marius, last of the Tyr, has united all the tribes of the north under his banner. He calls for adventurers from around the world to help settle the lands of Tryst.

It is surrounded by walls and entry and exit is heavily regulated.

Law Enforcement:
The town guard is known as the skeletons hand.
Verle Balan is the captain of the Skeletons Hand. He’s an older man and quite frustrating. Shoal keeps recruiting all this best people to the sword, so he’s quite moody.
Gerald Larson a scrawny waif of a man who relays orders from the hand to adventurers.

The Humble Quarter


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