Solus Astria

Game 01: New Adventure

Press "A" to skip cutscene.

Adylin Hale, Jarrow, Meryn al Magda, Silas Moor, and many other travelers arrive at the gates of the town of Tyrst. There they await admittance into the town. Upon being briefed by Shoal and greeted by Marius, they are also marked out by the Oracles of Emeria as adventurers.
The are accompanied by Asch Midura and Ursula Lindquist on orders from their superiors. Together, all of them are sent to handle cases that the town watch aren’t able to handle themselves.

The next day they are sent on their first mission to investigate the sewers. There they discover Flitz’s Laboratory, and after navigating some hazards, order him to cease operations.

Some time later they are sent to investigate reports of illicit demonic bargains happening at the temple district. As they question a temple acolyte they are ambushed by thugs. They dispatch the thugs but fall back to report to the authorities and to regroup.



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