Emeria the Dual Natured

Alignment: True Neutral
Domains: All (Some restrictions)
Symbol: Two suns side by side
Garb: layers of white and black cloth, usually done up like a stola and palla, trimmed in golds
Favored Weapon: None
Form of Worship and Holidays:
Typical Worshippers: Human

Emeria is the creator Goddess. She is fickle and is as kind and forgiving as she is cruel and vengeful. She is worshiped in every corner of Solus Astria as all life upon the world is born of her. Though some places in the world choose only to acknowledge one aspect of her instead of worshiping her as a whole, either favoring the kind Emeria, or praying to keep her from causing any harm. She is a somewhat active god in the world and will answer the occasional prayer if she sees fit but most of her interactions with people are through the wish or in ascending others to meet the needs of the world.


Emeria has a purpose for humankind that is not always made clear but is evident in her favoritism towards them. Those who achieve greatness may garner her attention and in rare cases she has granted a degree of divinity to them (not all of them good nor do they all use their powers well.) It has been a while since the last Ascension, but there are many that still aspire to this.

The Wish

The wish is known to every human on the planet from birth, just like breathing. “Give yourself unto me and I will grant a wish to thee.” It comes at the cost of the wishers life, though she doesn’t always take the payment right away. In fact there are many who have lived a full life, never being called upon by her. Though it is far more likely that at some point in their lives that Emeria will call upon them, which generally leads to insanity. Most people feel the wish is far too risky as you may not even have a chance to personally reap it’s benefits and is usually only taken after much consideration or by very desperate people. No person who has ever taken the wish has ascended.

Emeria appears as a human girl with with black hair that contains the heavens. She has one gold eye and one blue eye and her skin is a luminous white. She always wears black and white with golden accents. She has a high collar that is like a halo behind her.

She is a true neutral deity and her blessings are made available to everyone regardless of intent.

Emeria the Dual Natured

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